Managing special districts has become increasingly complex because of evolving state laws and the client’s objectives. KD Management understands this complexity and the rapid changes taking place in government regulations. We lead the way in providing efficient and cost-effective district management services. KD Management is a skilled professional company that provides management expertise and specialized administrative and accounting services to California special districts in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We take pride in our seamless continuity of service when working with contractors, governing boards and the community.

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KD Management can provide a variety of services, based on your particular needs. These include:

  • Operational

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    • General Management Services
    • Board Meetings
    • Project Management
    • Operation and Maintenance Oversight
    • Administrative Services
    • Regulatory Requirements
  • Financial

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    • Budgeting and Cost Control
    • Billing and Collection
    • Operation and Maintenance Budgeting
    • Grant Writing and Administering
    • Accounting and Financial Reporting
    • Pre-Audit Assistance Reducing Audit Costs
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